Here at Brighton Sport and Culture we are dedicated to providing a unique and authentic experience of exploring Brighton. We know what makes this wonderfully eccentric city tick, and are eager to share it's secrets with you and your friends!

Our various cultural packages aim to offer the best of Brighton and it's surrounding area and give you an opportunity to discover the city in a way which can't be done through guide books.The packages range from day excursions to week-long expeditions, both in the city and in the beautiful surrounding area. Take a look at our packages below!

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In the city

Come explore the city of Brighton! We offer a unique, interactive and informative day tour with a chance to meet some 'Brightonians', make some new friends and take a piece of Brighton away with you!

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One Bright Walk

With our 'Bright Walks' package you will explore the city, discovering unique locations which represent Brighton's eccentricity. You can also explore the beautiful South Downs countryside, which lies just outside of Brighton, by walking with new friends.

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 In the wild

With our 'One bright day going wild' and 'One bright week in the wild' packages you will experience amazing adventure days at the heart of the stunning natural woodlands just outside of Brighton. Led by experienced bushcraft teachers, you will learn a variety of survival skills and much more!

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