One Bright day going wild

into the wild

An exciting adventure day set in the stunning South Downs woodlands located just outside of Brighton. Packed with activities such as, learning bush craft skills, foraging for edible plants, navigation and camp craft, there's something for everyone to enjoy! 

There are four options available:


One Bright Day Really Wild Experience (The Taster Day)

The option offers a bit of everything and is packed with great activities to show you how to really survive and thrive in the wild! Activities may include:

  • Fire, shelter and Camp craft
  • Wild navigation and foods, backwoods cooking
  • Stalking and tracking
  • Primitive weapons trial & competition

Wild Food Foraging, Tracking and Back Woods cooking!

You'll learn how to forage for edible plants, prepare tasty meals and observe animals such as deer, badger and fox. You'll get to understand how people used to live of the land, used fire to cook in a variety of ways and how they worked together with nature, in ways most of us have now lost.


Survive and Thrive!

If you can survive and thrive in the Wild with few resources, you can certainly do the same in your personal and professional lives too! This extraordinary adventure will teach you how to survive and thrive in the wild. At the end you'll want to explore the wilderness, having learnt skills that one day might help you survive!


Woodland Craft, Human development and culture

Explore the incredible story of human development, innovation and achievement through the ages! Experience how to use natural resources around you and make things we need whilst learning more about the countryside - its history, development and more. You will also make items to take away with you and keep.


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